The Student Loan Scholarship (SLS) Program (created: 23 December 2010)


The purpose of the Sudan Community Development Program Student Loan Scholarship program is to support efforts to enhance the Community Health Evangelism goals in South Sudan with the initial priority to develop well educated leaders in selected community priority areas and to target funds to qualified applicants seeking further education in approved priorities identified by Leadership in Sudan and USA. Current funding will support education in the areas of:


Medical, Nursing and Clinical Care


Agriculture and Food Sciences

Project Management

Community Development

In the future, it is envisioned that program enhancements may allow for additional priorities to advance community development.

Program Description:

The USA and South Sudan partnership have fund education and training not available in the community (and frequently not available in the entire country of South Sudan) that significantly advances the community’s best interests. Interested and qualified community members find it nearly impossible to attain additional education.

Advanced education involves access to educational systems (not available in South Sudan) and access to funds to cover various expenses such as tuition, books, transportation, room and board that are out of reach for most all. In South Sudan, students must leave their families to get access to international educational institutions and so, the student is unable to pursue other opportunities to earn income and provide for his/her family while away at school – representing an added burden to the family of the student. In consideration of these concerns, The Sudan Community Development Fund works with Sudanese partners to establish project goals, budgets and raise funds to meet the needs and reduce the economic burden of advanced education.

Requirements for SLS -- all students who successfully apply for and receive educational loans must:

1. Be current members in good standing of EFCSS Arilo Center;

2. Submit to the leadership of the Arilo Center CHE Committee;

3. Be persons of good standing in their church and community (as evaluated by the Arilo Center CHE Committee);

4. Agree to spend time during school breaks in discipleship under the church leaders at Arilo Center;

5. Must maintain acceptable grades during the course of study (as determined by Arilo CHE Leadership);

6. Agree to return to Arilo upon completion of studies for at least an equal time spent in studies (e.g. 1 year of studies results in 1 year of living/working near Arilo Center; 2 years = 2 years, etc) so that the community benefits from the investment in education;

7. Agree to repay the loan only if the student chooses not to return to Arilo. In this case all student loan funds are to be repaid over a like period of time (e.g. 1 year paid in 1 year, 2 years in 2 years, etc).

Loan funds can be used for qualified expenses up to and including:
• Bringing training and teaching onsite to Arilo Center (e.g. stipends, honoraria, fees, transportation, food, and lodging).
• Tuition payments for studies outside the community and/or the country at qualified educational institutions;
• Transportation for students to and from outside educational institutions limited to matriculation and school breaks;
• Limited funding for food and boarding for offsite schooling (students are encouraged to seek working opportunities and low cost housing options for on campus programs);
• Limited support for family responsibilities (as determined by CHE Leadership).

Student Loan Scholarship Program for 2014-2015:
The SLS first scholarship graduate completed 18 months loan repayment in the village of Imehejek. He recently received an AIM grant to return to school for further studies. The second SLS graduate completed his undergraduate bible studies and was appointed as the new pastor for the church in Arilo (the first ever trained pastor for these 10 villages in East Equatoria). The medical clinic worker (trained by short-term missionaries) received a grant and is working on courses to complete secondary training. He will return to complete form four studies – all steps on the path to medical certificate training. Two additional students continue in bible school training. Please pray for all these young men. None of this would be possible without God’s grace and your personal financial commitment. Thank you and Praise God!

Student Loan Scholarship Program for 2015-2016+:
Looking to the future, SCDF partnership is exploring expansion of the SLS to include additional community priorities. We are dependent on a complete grant proposal and necessary funding, but the early planning includes:
• Create a second track for medical clinic worker. With only one trained medical worker, the health clinic is highly vulnerable.
• Begin formal training for advanced agriculture and food nutrition studies. Farming practices are rudimentary and understanding of proper nutrition is not widely held.
• Recruit for human resource and leadership training program.

The Clean Water - Partnership – WASH

A unique partnership was formed to bring clean water and improved sanitary practices to the East Equatoria Region of South Sudan.

The partners are:

Rotary International Rotary Club of Juba South Sudan
Wausau Rotary Club District 6220 - Rotary
Early Bird Rotary Club Highland Community Church
EFCSS – Arilo Sudan Community Development Fund

The partnership Rotary International resulted in a Water And Sanitary Hygiene grant (WASH). Although we intended to begin the project in 2014, extreme rains made the roads impassable for construction equipment and the war further delayed implementation of the project. The grant will create a sustainable clean water system for Arilo South Sudan -- solar powered pump, borehole, water retention system, distribution/spigot system and community training on the importance of hygiene coupled with practical skills to maintain the equipment. Pray the project to moves forward and so we can secure a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

Psalm 20:7